Play free online sniper shooting games. Flash has given us some great sniper games over time, this site gives an overview of some of the best games around. There are some older games but also new ones with a good scope and zoom functions, it's all here...
12 Days

Sniper: Hostile TerritoryStickshotSniper HunterSniper Assassin 4Sniper: Year TwoSniper: Year OneHired Gun 2Phantom SniperTactical Assassin 2Hired GunTactical AssassinChav HunterJack van Cell: Stinger SniperHeadshotUrban Sniper 2
Sniper AssasinScope: First BloodSniper DutyUrban SniperFoxy SniperOne Shot
Sniper WW2Sniper: Global MercenarySniper Assassin 2The SniperThe Strangers12 Days
Cigarette SniperSniper DefenseTactical Assassin SubstratumPanda Tactical SniperSniper 3Save the WitnessThe Urban Sniper VengeanceSanta StrikeSift Heads 4Terror CampSWAT 2 - Tactical SniperBloodshotThe Strangers 2Sniper Assasin 3Mort the SniperPanda Tactical Sniper 2